Judith Watkins

Welcome to my website!

Whether you found your way here intentionally or completely by accident, I am so glad you did.

I’ve had many roles in life – daughter, sister, wife, mother, student, barmaid, cleaner, library assistant, factory worker, tour guide, teacher, assessor. But on this page, I am a writer.

I love writing. It brings me so much joy. And if I can only bring a smile to one person’s face or brighten up someone’s day, then my efforts have all been worthwhile.

If you have a look around, you will see I have written a book, Stones in my Bra, and will publish Spoons on my Feet, the next in the Traffic Jam of Life trilogy later this year. I also publish regular posts in my blog, Musings on the Mundane, about something in daily life that I’ve found entertaining. At the moment the posts are all, unfortunately, pandemic-related and are going to form the backbone of a new book ‘The Corona Chronicles – Lockdown Life with the Nearly-Beloved and Grunting Teen‘.

It would be lovely if you feel inspired to read my posts, buy my books and join my Readers’ Club and blog email-list. But if you’ve just paused for a moment in the layby of my life and feel there are more scenic possibilities on the road ahead, then that’s perfectly okay and I wish you a safe and pleasant journey onwards.